5 hair oils to keep on your bathroom shelf

best hair oils

Having luscious locks isn’t an unattainable dream. With some oils, opting for healthier hair is quite achievable. In this blog post, we’ll cover the five best hair oils you should consider having on your bathroom shelf to get you closer to seeing the beautiful strands of your dreams!

Coconut oil

Coconut oil is versatile. It easily replaces body butter, face cream, and a hair mask. By the way, about the last. The oil composition contains many useful amino acids that envelop the hair’s surface, protecting them from aggressive environmental influences. It returns a healthy shine, saves from dryness, and softens and moisturizes. There are several ways to use coconut oil. First, before washing along the entire length – twice a week, instead of conditioner – apply to wet hair, and then wash off with shampoo, along with detergent – 2-3 drops. If you have an oily scalp, do not apply oil to the roots – step back 5-6 cm.

Argan oil

Argan oil is a type of oil loved by people who study how to make hair healthy. The oil has lots of good stuff, like different acids and things that help cells grow. Triglycerides are also in the oil, and they help protect the hair from damage. If you want to use the oil as a mask, warm it up, so it’s not cold. Then put it on your hair and wrap your head with a shower cap or something similar. Finally, turn on a hairdryer on low heat and hold it close to your head for a few minutes. Doing this will help the good stuff in the oil get into your hair follicles better.

Castor oil

The main active ingredient in this oil is ricinoleic acid, which helps to accelerate hair growth. Oil can be used in its pure form, but it is better to give preference to products based on it. These products foam better, rinse off better and contain a “cocktail” of additional useful ingredients. Some reasons you should not use this product include allergies and individual intolerance.

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Burdock oil

It seems like there is not a single girl left on earth who has not tried to make a mask from burdock oil at least once in her life. Our grandmothers also knew about its properties. And in the age of low-molecular cosmetics, they continue to break records of popularity. Its composition contains a lot of vitamins and micro and macro elements. Apply directly to the scalp with massage movements. Hold for at least two hours – that’s how long an oil molecule needs to penetrate the epidermal barrier.

Avocado oil

Avocado oil is a must for those suffering from dry ends and scalp. Unlike all the others, it does not belong to the base but is often found as part of other care products. Greenish-yellow, without a pungent odor, it perfectly retains moisture. The only disadvantage of the oil is the difficulty in flushing. Although this disadvantage more than compensates for the effect: the hair after the application is smooth, shiny, and healthy. I highly recommend looking in his direction to all blondes.