Hair cycling: a trend that needs to be used more carefully

overnourished hair

Interdependence between humans and their natural environment is important in upholding a healthy lifestyle. When it comes to hair care, many people have adopted hair cycling – the practice of deliberately letting one’s hair go through intentional periods of growth and breakage cycles – to maintain healthier tresses. While this trend can be advantageous for some, others may not recognize that it can lead to overly dry or damaged locks without proper care. Let’s consider why hair cycling needs to be used thoughtfully to keep your mane looking its best.

What is the meaning of care?

First and second days. Deep cleansing

Here you will need shampoos and scrubs for the scalp. Their main goal is to thoroughly wash off styling products and dust, dirt, and sebum. Hair has a porous structure, so something that should not “get stuck” often “gets stuck” there. For example, the same silicones that are part of most styling foams, mousses, and varnishes are poorly washed off with water and regular shampoo. If you often use such products, you can get overnourished hair. What does it threaten? The protective film grows, but the useful components of the care products can no longer break through it. That is, we no longer notice the effect. And we complain that the brand has deteriorated, that the curls have ceased to shine, and the tips now break off more often.

help your scalp and hair stay healthy

Scrubs and deep-cleaning shampoos solve this problem. It is important to massage the scalp well – every area, from the hairline on the forehead and near the ears to the neck. Then rinse and apply conditioner. If you have curly or dry strands, use a mask. And then, rinse your hair and apply a nourishing cream.

Third and fourth days. Break

Try not to use a hair dryer or curling iron. If possible, wait two days between uses. It will help your scalp and hair stay healthy.

What do trichologists say?

Experts say that you should be careful when using deep cleansing shampoos and scrubs with harsh ingredients. They advise only using these types of products after talking to specialists first. The reason is that using them twice a week can cause allergies, dandruff, dermatitis, pain, and itching for people with sensitive scalps. Also, for people with thin and oily hair, it can make them look dirty.

You should only use deep cleansing products once a week. In winter, it is better to use a silk or microfiber towel instead of a regular one. It will help reduce friction and make your hair less fluffy. When you dry your hair, use heat protection. And don’t forget to wear a hat or hood in the cold and wind to protect your curls.